Below is a list of fixtures for the 2018 calendar year - click on each month to expand and see the fixtures scheduled for that month.

Most events are "open" competitions, which all teams are elligble to attend and take part in. The vast majority of events are free of charge for spectators, so if there is an event near to you and you have never seen tug of war, click on the details and go along and support the teams taking part!

If you wish to organise your own tug of war competition at any time throughout the year, please contact Mick Copper to apply for a TOWA permit on 01933 622639. The cost of a permit is £20. The fixture list for each calendar year is finalised during the November of the previous year. If you wish for your event to be published in the TOWA fixture list, then please contact the TOWA secretary at the earliest opportunity who will look into accommodating your request.